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Watch Live: Volker And Morrison Testify In Round 2 Of Tuesday Impeachment Testimony

Watch Live: Volker And Morrison Testify In Round 2 Of Tuesday Impeachment Testimony

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4:55 p.m. Nunes begins questioning the witnesses, saying that whatever "drug deal" the Democrats are cooking up, the American people aren't buying it.

4:30 p.m. When asked whether he interpreted President Trump's request to speak with Rudy Giuliani about Ukraine as an order, Volker responds that he understood it to be "part of the dialogue."

4:30 p.m. Volker states his opposition to the Biden investigation, saying "I don’t think that raising the 2016 election or Vice President Biden or these things that I consider to be conspiracy theories circulated by the Ukrainians — they’re not things we should be pursuing as our national security strategy with Ukraine."

4:25 p.m. Morrison says Trump's mention of the Bidens and Crowdstrike during the July 25 call with Zelensky weren't part of his NSC-supplied talking points.


After a morning session of public impeachment testimony from Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and Russia adviser Jennifer Williams, former National Security Council aide Timothy Morrison and Kurt Volker, Trump’s former special envoy to Ukraine for peace negotiations will appear for testimony.

Morrison listened in on the infamous July 25 phone call between President Trump and Ukraine's newly elected President, Volodomyr Zelensky, in which Trump requested that Ukraine investigate several matters, including Joe and Hunter Biden as well as 2016 US election meddling.

Democrats claim Trump's request constitute election interference, however earlier in the day Vindman told the House Intelligence Committee that it's perfectly acceptable for Presidents to request foreign investigations.

According to a Reuters anonymous source, Volker was central to discussions with Ukraine which would have involved whether the White House withheld US aid in exchange for investigations into gas firm Burisma and the Bidens.

"He knew that Volker and Sondland and Kent were on top of this and were dealing with it on the day to day... His take on this was ... he should let those people do their job."

According to Fox News, a total of nine current and former US officials are set to testify over the next three days in the House's impeachment inquiry.

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