It is the 1st of April 2020

TVlc Release Notes 4.0

Version 4.0 brings better tablet support (split-screen) and more:

  • Categorized Favorites. (Channels, Playlists, Videos, Radio, Folders, Files and Search Terms)
  • Each category shows its history and can have its own favorites kept.
  • New Video details view to let you read the entire description and follow links within it. (Fast access with long-click on playlist search button)
  • Youtube Channel integration. You can now browse channel playlists and videos.
  • New improved split screen tablet layout for Nexus 7 or similar.
  • Batch enqueue videos will keep the right order now.
  • "Search related" is now the default click action in video lists. You can click on the corresponding image to enqueue or long-click on it to play the video.

Note: If you already have a very long history the first import might take a little time.

TVlc 4 will be available in all versions for download soon.

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