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TVlc - Frequently Asked Questions

You can think of TVlc as a TV remote control where the Video runs on your TV set or Computer Monitor and the App allows you to remote control playback. The well established free open-source Vlc media player fully supports TV Tuners and playback of network streams (http/rtsp) and almost all Video formats including ts files/DVDs/isos. If you want to watch Videos on your Monitor or TV set and have a remote control that allows you to switch between TV Tuner Channels, local Video files, Youtube Videos, DVD Isos, radio stations, or arbitrary network streams, I have written TVlc exactly therefore.

  • Why another Vlc remote control?

    I decided to write my own Vlc remote control App because I really wanted to use Vlc to watch network streams like Youtube videos or radio stations besides of course the flawless and tolerant playback of almost any video related file out there (Codecs, DVDs, DVB Tuner, Isos,...). That demand inspired me to write my first Android App, a good cause to do an exercise I wanted to do then for several reasons, gaining experience foremost. So as I struggled with the depths and pitfalls of the Android API and TVlc started to become a far more crude version of what it is today, but technically functional nevertheless, I decided to go the extra miles and polish it up to finally publish an App in Google Play Store, which, besides being a very taughtfull undertaking, has been a thrilling experience in some way. I always found TVlc useful since then, using it often. Regular Broadcast Station Television? What was that again? Can't even remember.

  • Can I watch the Playlist on my phone or only on a remote Vlc host like my PC?

    TVlc is a remote control in the first place. It has no built-in stream media player. However, if you really want to stream the playlist to your phone TVlc still can support you in doing so. You will need some knowledge of how to start a Vlc host as a streaming server which is out of scope to go into detail here right now. Vlc documentation does a decent job on introducing the possible startup options to setup a Stream that can be watched on your Phone afterwards. In this scenario TVlc comes in handy to build the playlist for your personal streaming server. Actually you could even run your own online radio station or tv broadcast from your local media library or whatever source Vlc supports. To watch your Stream however you need to rely on some sort of media player on your phone by now that can open streaming urls. There are a few of those out there, including Vlc for Android itself. I have hardly tested any of these media players for Android because I almost never watch Videos on my phone. I prefer the larger TV screen to do that, however I once set up successfully a mp3 stream building the playlist with TVlc and listening to it with WinAmp on my Android phone. You might want to try this if you want to gain some knowledge about streaming it is explained in Vlc documentation extensively. I will try to add further details on this topic later.

  • Why are there ads? Why is TVlc not totally free?

    I found developing my first Android App TVlc to be a very extensive and time consuming process so it is nice to get a little reward for all your efforts. Earning money online with the App (TVlc) and Ads of course can be an interesting topic on its own for me as a developer, making spin-off Apps etc. To me it is mostly about learning and improving my self crafted TV remote control in several ways which are not exclusively of technical nature.

  • Is there an iOS Version of TVlc?

    No. It is no planned to write one, primarily because of a lack of time and money.

  • I have no clue what this is about but I read Web TV and thought, well, give it a try. What's the matter?

    Yeah, right. I know it is not entirely trivial to setup your Vlc player so you can remote control it with TVlc. I try to provide some useful information how to do it right on this site and by using google for further information you should be able to setup your Vlc player easily in minutes. I think it is worth the little effort. You may also seek advice by nephews, sons or other people showing unreasonable sleep and eat behaviour spending most of their time in dark rooms lit only by the matte shine of liquid crystals.

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