It is the 21st of November 2019

"This Is Our World..."

Via Jim Quinn's Burning Platform blog,

I watched this over at Irish’s Blog and started to think about ‘date night’.

My wife and I go out on date night every couple of weeks. It’s not always big and fancy, for example last weekend we snuck out of the house to our neigborhood pub for drinks and a bit of dinner after I got home from work.

The place was packed. I’m a people watcher so as we are chatting I’m looking about and watching other people interact.

Mostly they are Gen X’ers and Boomers. I never noticed anyone with their faces buried in their phone. Every table was full of people eating, drinking and conversing with one other. At least that I could see.

I wonder if the key is alcohol :-)? Drink more, text less?? Or maybe it was just the environment? Maybe it was both?

Whatever it was it was good to see and a nice change from the video below...

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