It is the 21st of October 2019


China To Use Pension Funds As $300 Billion "Plunge Protection Team"

One of the more troubling stories to hit the tape last week was that despite, or rather due to, roughly $100 billion in losses in the past 5 quarters, Japan's gargantuan $1.4 trillion state pension fund, the GPIF, which has desperately been selling Japan's best performing asset - Japanese Government Bonds - in order to buy local stocks and the Nikkei at its decade highs only to see its equity investment plunge, is now forced to buy even more stocks, i.e. double down, as part of a ridiculous rebalancing which will lead to even more losses.

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Chinageddon - Gold Spikes As USDJPY, Yuan, Bond Yields Plunge

For the first time since March 2014, Gold is back above $1370, spiking higher as China opens. While silver has been celebrating way above Brexit spike highs, gold's initial reaction was far bigger and that spike high has now been taken out.

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Goldman Reveals How China Is Covering Up Hundreds Of Billions In Capital Outflows

In order to mask the tremendous capital outflows leaving its country - in order to prevent and/or delay a depositor panic - China has resorted to various gimmicks: back in October, we reported that the first one involved the PBOC gradually shifting from FX spot intervention to the using forwards as a preferred mechanism of market intervention as it is not as obvious, or as transparent to detect, to wit: "we need to take account not only of the PBoC's non-spot market intervention efforts in the offshore market, but also of banks' forward books if we want to get a better read on capital outflows in China."

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Morgan Stanley Explains One Big Reason Why Central Planners Can't Generate Any Inflation

As China continues to weaken the Yuan, it's important to note the impact that it has on the inflation expectations of other economies, namely the US, Japan, and Europe. As central planners aggressively try to boost inflation, and in the meantime have created a stunning $11.7 trillion in negative yielding debt, China could be hindering that effort quite a bit.

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