It is the 18th of October 2019


The FT Goes Full Fearmonger: Electing Trump "Would Unravel The World"

It would appear that, despite the tsunami of 'spin' across every major media platform since the end of the debate, the establishment is gravely concerned at Donald Trump's proximity to 'their gal' in the polls. With Hillary herself questioning "why am I not 50 points ahead?", The Financial Times has unleashed Martin Wolf to explain to the ignorant mass of deplorables just how apocalyptic a Trump presidency would be...

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Something Odd Emerges When Fact Checking The "Fact Checkers"

The American electorate has never been more divided with people having wide ranging opinions on which party/candidate would be best for the future of the country.  Certainly economic and other facts help guide those opinions but, in the end, the decision is also based on the subjective views of each voter.  

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