It is the 3rd of April 2020


Russian Air Force Plane Flies Above Pentagon, Capitol, CIA

At a time when when relations between the US and Russia are about as bad as they have ever been outside of the cold war, despite expectations for a detente under the Trump administration which have not taken place for obvious reasons, the mere thought of a Russian military plane flying above the continental US, let alone the Capitol, would prompt incredulous follow-up questions whether it had been shot down. And yet, that it precisely what happened today when an unarmed Russian Air Force aircraft overflew the Capitol, the Pentagon, the Central Intelligence Agency and Andrews Air Force Base at low altitude.

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NSA Whistleblower Accuses Agency Of "Mass Electronic Surveillance"

While former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney was burnishing his credentials as a master of the corporate turnaround during the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, US intelligence agencies were testing out their capabilities for mass electronic surveillance according to a recent Associated Press report. Ex-NSA spy Thomas Drake has alleged as much in a statement filed in support of a lawsuit brought by former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson. Anderson has said that the lawsuit is designed to get more information about what he calls covert, illegal operations.

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FBI Arrests State Department Employee For Contacts With Chinese Spies

In an example of a FISA-warranted surveillance done right, on Wednesday the FBI announced the arrest of a veteran State Department employee with access to top secret information, who was accused of failing to report numerous contacts with Chinese foreign intelligence agents who provided her with "tens of thousands of dollars in gifts and benefits" in exchange for diplomatic and economic information, federal prosecutors said.

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