It is the 7th of December 2019


Global Capital Markets Have Added Over $11 Trillion Since Trump's Election

Since President Trump's election, global equity markets have added more absolute value than at any time in history (around $12 trillion) - surpassing the front-running exuberance that started when Bernanke hinted at QE2 in 2010.

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If Everything's So Awesome, Why Are Investors Surging Into Tech-Stock Hedges?

Tech stocks are up once again - for the 5th day in a row, the longest streak since May - as the business media celebrates FANG's rennaissance (again)...

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Blue Apron Goes Red

Having priced at the low-end ($10) of an almost unprecedented cut in IPO range, Blue Apron opened this morning at $10, traded up to $11 amid exuberance from Bob Pisani desperate to show how the great IPO market was back... but tumbled back to $10 by the close.

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