It is the 21st of November 2019


Democrats Denounce Steyer's Impeachment Push: "It's Not Helpful"

California financier Tom Steyer’s $20 million ad campaign to impeach President Donald Trump has alienated some of the Democratic leaders with the influence to make impeachment a reality.

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Tom DeMark: "Today Is An Interim Low" Followed By A 5-8% Rebound, Then Another Selloff; China To Fall Further

There are not many technicians that Steve Cohen has on speed dial, but Tom DeMark, whose indicators grace the default graphs of many Bloomberg terminals around the globe, is one of them. One reason may be DeMark's recent track record, having called a "Sell" on November 3 which was close to the all time high in the S&P, shortly after which US indices tumbled leading to the worst start of the year in history hitting DeMark's targets well ahead of time.

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