It is the 21st of November 2019


Big Blue Blasts Dow To (Another) New Record High As Chinese Yield Curve Inverts

Don't fight The Fed or The Machines...

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About That $262 Million Man VIX Option Play - Analysis

We just read a very insightful post in zerohedge in which the author describes a massive potential payout for someone who recently placed a large option play on in the ViX. Here is his description as quoted in Business Insider.

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Goldman Sachs On What Happens Next - Recession, War, Or Goldilocks

After several months of low volatility across assets since mid-2016, particularly in equities, markets were more volatile last week owing to fears of central bank tightening. Volatility picked up first in FX and rates, and then spilled over to equities. However, as Goldman notes, this might not be the end of the low vol regime yet.

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