It is the 7th of December 2019


Stocks Tumble: Fed Spooks Traders With Bubble Warning

Was today the Yellen Fed's Irrational Exuberance moment?

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Stocks Soar To Record Highs As Hawkish Fed, Dovish Trump Spark Bond Bloodbath

Just to clarify - Trump said nothing new at all - and added no detail, another major US retailer blew up, 'hard data' disappointed (soft surveys gained), Fed speakers were the most hawkish since Volcker, and The Dow soars 350 points to top 21,100... makes perfect sense...

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Late-Day Panic-Buying Sends Dow To Longest Record Streak In 30 Years

Millions of investors cried out today...

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Stock Dip Kills Longest Win Streak In 4 Years As Catalyst-Crusher Comes To An End

Once again all eyes were on "soft" data (Philly Fed) as "hard" data (housing starts miss) disappointed and the forced buy-in pressure lifted...

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A "Multi-Billion Trade Meltdown" - Here Is The Reason For The Market's Inexplicable Surge

We have noted in the last few days the divergences between US equity and volatility markets and chatter of a major fund needing to liquidate positions. After today's price action (and more color from trading desks) we are starting to see the 'fingerprints' of what appears to be a multi-billion dollar forced short cover that has almost perfectly correlated with the linear surge in US stocks.

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