It is the 21st of February 2020


Those Who Say Bitcoin Has No Intrinsic Value Need to Imbibe the Gospel of True Education

Last week I queried "Is Bitcoin the Undisputed Best Performing Asset Class In the World?". The purpose of that piece and the piece before it was to debunk long standing misconceptions as to the actual investment performance of BTC (bitcoin) as portrayed by respected institutions such as the London Business School and the Financial Times, not to mention Money Magazine. 

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Near Broke Company Tells Investors To Stop Buying Its Soaring Stock

An obscure Danish penny stock company called Victoria Properties has a lot of investors, and its own management team, dumbfounded after it surged nearly 1,000% in just a matter of days and for no apparent reason whatsoever.  Per Bloomberg, the company invests in residential and retail real estate in Germany but a quick review of financials reveals minimal revenue, consistent cash flow burns for several years running, minimal assets and very little remaining cash.

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