It is the 3rd of April 2020


For 6th Year Running, Economists' Growth Expectations Collapse

With The Atlanta Fed's slashing its Q1 GDP growth expectations to just 0.1%, consensus estimates for 2016 growth have collapsed. However, none of this should surprise anyone as this is the sixth year in a row that over-optimistic growth hopes devolve into hype for more stimulus and a hockey-stick just around the corner.

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The Salary Needed to Buy A Home in 27 Different U.S. Cities

The popping of the Greenspan-era housing bubble took about six years in total to fully “deflate”.

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The World Has 6 Options To Avoid Japan's Fate, And According To HSBC, They Are All Very Depressing

Last week, when looking back at consensus economist forecasts for Japanese growth as of 1995, we compared what the pundits thought would happen, and what actually did happen: the result was what may have been the worst forecast of all time, leading to a 25% error rate in just five years later. It also unleashed the start of Japan's three lost decades.

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