It is the 22nd of October 2019


Will President Obama Declare Cyber-War On Russia (Or Real War On China)? - Press Conference Live Feed

China stealing underwater drones, Russia hacking elections (allegedly), losing Aleppo, business optimism soaring now that he is leaving? President Obama has a lot of 'splaining to do, but most eyes and ears will be on edge for his apparent "retaliation" against Vladimir Putin for ruining the party (and what many have foreseen, he decides the orderly handover of power to president-elect Trump cannot go forward as planned). Legacy?

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Obama Halts Some Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia, Following Alleged "War Crimes" In Yemen

Whether it is retaliation for dumping Treasuries, blackmail to keep to OPEC production quotas, or - more likely - being implicated in war crimes for supporting a Saudi-led air campaign in Yemen that has killed thousands of civilians, President Obama has decided that after shipping billions in weapons to Saudi Arabia, Reuters reports it will halt a planned arms sale to The Kingdom.

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Judge Slams "Namby Pamby Pathetic Losers", Asks Obama "Why Are You Obsessed WIth Russia?"

Saturday on "Justice", Judge Jeanine Pirro responded to President Obama's order that US intelligence agencies investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election, and submit the results of their studies to him before he leaves office in January.

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