It is the 3rd of April 2020


Newly Unearthed CIA Memo: Media Are The "Principal Villains"

A new declassifed CIA report unearthed by the FOIA investigive cooperative MuckRock contains some shocking commentary on how the intelligence community views and interacts with the media. The 1984 series of internal memos, part of the CIA’s recent CREST release (CIA Records Search Tool) of over 900,000 newly declassified documents, were drafted in response to a study on unathorized leaks and disclosures written by legendary CIA officer Eloise Page.

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FBI Probes HuffPo Editor After "Destroy Trump Ballots" Tweet

Huffington Post's Senior Enterprise Editor, Nick Baumann, sent a tweet just over a month ago that he probably wishes he could take back...or maybe not, they say there's no such thing as bad publicity after all.

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A Brief Rumination on the Coming Cashless Society

Today, I hired an independent researcher to do some legal consulting for me.  We agreed on a $100 "detainer".  Since I began checking out of the system in 2009, and mainly to avoid any more contact with the IRS, I stopped doing business with all banks.  I don't have any bank accounts of any kind, no credit cards, and I don't even have a debit card through services like PayPal because they're all tied in to the same corrupt banking system, and the IRS can (and most likely will) find you or at least your money by data mining your banking records.  So to eliminate this attack vector I primarily operate with United States Notes (better known to the sheep as Federal Reserve Notes), i.e. cash.  So to pay the detainer should have been a simple matter of running over and depositing a $100 note into my researcher's account at my local Chase Bank branch.  Nope.

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