It is the 19th of February 2020


Times Square Terrorist Planned Attack For Years, Told Police "Motive Was Revenge"

Updat (2 pm ET): In a harrowing account of today's Times Square terrorist attack, the New York Post interviewed several witnesses who shared their accounts of the immediate aftermath of the attack, which triggered a small stampede out of the narrow subway tunnel where Akayed Ullah detonated his homemade pipe bombs.

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New Weinstein Company Film Grosses Just $742 During One-Day Theatrical Release

Weinstein Co's panicked assurances that the firm is in good financial health aside, evidence of the financial fallout from the Harvey Weinstein scandal is finally beginning to emerge. And as it turns out, being exposed for tacitly condoning the behavior of an alleged sexual predator is really, really rough on the bottom line.

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Ahead Of Monday's Terrorist Threat, Texas, New York Are Taking Measures

Earlier this morning we wrote about a report that U.S. Intelligence sources were warning "joint terrorism task forces that al-Qeada could be planning attacks in three states for Monday."  According to CBS News the pre-election day targets were thought to be New York, Texas and Virginia though no specific targets were mentioned.

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