It is the 19th of November 2019


The Real Cost Of Christmas Has Never Been Higher

Christmas is a time for giving.. and receiving (and piling up credit card debt). But judging by the '12 days of christmas', it has never been more expensive to satisfy your true love...

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Duterte: "I Will Burn Down The United Nations"

The United Nations is making a lot of enemies.

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44 Years Ago, The Dow Crossed 1,000 For The First Time - Here's What Happened Next

With all eyes desperately urging The Dow to cross 20,000 and prove that everything in the world of Trumplandia is awesome, we thought some reflection on another major milestone in the omnipresent Stock Index would be worthwhile...

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Clinton's Closest Advisors Blast Huma For Derailing Campaign

For 20 years Huma Abedin faithfully served Hillary Clinton, starting as a White House intern straight out of college during Bill's administration and rising to become her deputy chief of staff at the State Department (we can't even begin to imagine the amazing things she's witnessed).  In a New York Times Magazine article back in 2014, one Clinton aide described the relationship as an "amalgamation of adviser, best friend, confidante, and perhaps even surrogate daughter."

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