It is the 16th of October 2019


"Clinton Nemesis" Klayman Comes To Trump's Defense: "Trump Right About Judicial Bias And Prejudice"

It has been a difficult day for Donald Trump, with virtually everyone, enemies as well as alleged allies coming down on him like a ton of bricks over his comments about Judge Gonzalo Curiel's alleged bias and prejudice against him. Just moments ago, The Hill issued an article titled "GOP aghast as Trump doubles down" in which it writes that "a defiant Donald Trump is refusing to backtrack over racially charged remarks he made last week, and the controversy has opened up a major divide between the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and senior GOP leaders. Republican calls for Trump to walk back the comments or apologize have mounted. But true to his style, he is doubling down."

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Obama Steps In To Defend Hillary: DOJ Fights To Block Clinton Deposition

If there was any doubt, or suspense on which side of the Hillary email scandal the "impartial" Department of Justice stands, the suspense was lifted and all was revealed yesterday when as The Hill reported, the Obama administration stepped into the ongoing Judicial Watch lawsuit and is fighting to prevent former SecState Hillary Clinton from being deposed.

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