It is the 7th of December 2019


It's Official: Hillary Clinton Wins The Democratic Presidential Nomination

What was supposed to be an all-important California primary tomorrow just became moot moments ago, when in a surprising announcement, AP just called the race for Hillary who according to the newswire's calculations has earned enough delegates to become the presumptive Democratic nominee, making her the first woman ever to win a major party nomination.

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Hillary In Trouble: State Department Says Clinton Did Not Comply With Record Policies: Full Report

In a surprising reversal, what many thought was impossible, namely the State Department cracking down on its former head and Democratic presidential frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, seems all too possible following news that the State Department Inspector General audit has faulted Hillary Clinton, other secretaries of state for poorly managing electronic communications.

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A Coherent Explanation of Obama's Foreign Policy

Authored by Eric Zuesse,

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In "Unprecedented, Historic" Move, Senate GOP Will Deny Obama Supreme Court Nominee Hearings

The war between Obama and the Republican Party over Scalia's Supreme Court replacement just went nuclear.

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