It is the 17th of January 2020


Deutsche Bank Downgraded, Fitch "No Longer Expects Franchise To Recover This Year"

Fitch has downgraded Deutsche Bank to BBB+ from A- due to continued pressure on earnings, combined with concerns over the prolonged implementation of its recovery strategy.

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Euro Banks Still Can't Value Their Own Equity Research; Subscriptions Range From $50k - $600k A Year

Literally no one knows the true 'value' of research, not even the investment banks that are selling it.  Up until now, equity research has been treated as a 'freebie' given away to institutional clients in return for trading commissions but that is all about to change thanks to the European Union’s MiFID II regulations, which require asset managers to separate trading commissions from investment-research payments.

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Morgan Stanley Cuts Investment Banking Bonuses By 15%, Fires 5% Of Managing Directors

Ahead of a deluge of bank earnings reports starting tomorrow morning, which include JPMorgan, Wells Fargo and Bank of America, and all of which are "whispered" to come in above expectations, an ominous harbinger hit the newswires this afternoon when Reuters reported that Morgan Stanley not only laid off various senior investment bankers last week, just ahead of bonuses season, but also slashed investment banking bonuses by roughly 15% as a result of "a decline in revenue from dealmaking and capital raising across Wall Street."

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Former CEO Of UBS And Credit Suisse: "Central Banks Are Past The Point Of No Return, It Will All End In A Crash"

Remember when bashing central banks and predicting financial collapse as a result of monetary manipulation and intervention was considered "fake news" within the "serious" financial community, disseminated by fringe blogs?

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