It is the 3rd of April 2020


Liberals Behind "The Young Turks" And Vice Apologize For Blatant Sexism

The founders of two liberal news outlets found themselves apologizing over sexist remarks and a "boy's club" environment filled with sexual harassment. Cenk Uygur, creator and host of popular liberal news show, The Young Turks (TYT), apologized last week for a series of now-deleted blog and social media posts from the early 2000s, published by The Wrap. 

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Anti-Trump Reporter Glenn Thrush Will Return To NYT After Harassment Allegations

The newspaper that helped kickstart the national reckoning with sexual assault in the workplace that has brought down dozens of powerful male figures in the media and entertainment industries has decided to let one of its own employees off the hook - a startlingly hypocritical decision that is sure to elecit a powerful backlash from the paper's readers and staffers alike.

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"They Called It 'The Rape Room'" - 10 Women Share Chilling Details Of Ken Friedman's Sexual Abuse

In a bombshell report that has rattled the food world, several former employees of restaurant impresario Ken Friedman shared chilling details of the sexual harassment and abuse they suffered at Friedman’s hands with the New York Times, describing the omerta that existed among staffers at his restaurant, who inevitably accepted the harassment as part of a job that offered many perks, including great pay and bonuses in the form of concert tickets and other in-demand items.

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