It is the 29th of March 2020


"People In The Market For Many, Many Years Have Been Replaced By An Algorithm"

Two years ago, just before Michael Lewis released Flash Boys starting a sharp if brief revulsion against parasitic, predatory High Frequency Trading frontrunners, which delayed Virtu's IPO by one year, we broke down Virtu's 2013 net trading income by product line. We were not surprised to find that of the $45 million in total growth, the largest income category, US stocks growth was a tiny 5% of all, rising by $2.3 million in 2013. In fact, between EMEA, APAC and US Equities, there was very limited growth in 2013, while commodities posted an outright trading income decline. It appeared to be the case that growth in conventional products has indeed plateaued, as more and more HFT competitors rush in. And yet, one product stood out. It is highlighted on the chart below: FX.

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As Wall Street Vultures Circle The Next Junk Bond Fund Casualty, A Familiar Name Emerges

Now that all the suspense surrounding the Fed's rate hike is gone, and only questions about the future of risk assets and deflation remain in a "Policy Mistake" world, the market's attention is turning back to the disturbing topic which spread like wildfire two weeks ago when first Third Avenue, and then several more mutual and hedge funds announced they would liquidate while imposing redemption "gates."

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