It is the 20th of February 2020


Deutsche Bank: Negative Rates Confirm The Failure Of Globalization

Negative interest rates may or may not be a thing of the past (many thought that the ECB had learned its lesson, and then Vitor Constancio wrote a blog post showing that the ECB hasn't learned a damn thing), but the confusion about their significance remains. Here is Deutsche Bank's Dominic Konstam explaining how, among many other things including why Europe will need to "tax" cash before this final Keynesian experiment is finally over, negative rates are merely the logical failure of globalization.

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"There Is No Clear Way Out" - Richard Koo Says "The Price For QE Has Yet To Be Paid"

In his latest note tited "The Calm before The Storm", Nomura's traditionally downcast Richard Koo is not too excited about the market's future prospects, in fact quite the opposite and makes the point that since QE was no game changer, not only is there no clear way out, but "the price for QE has yet to be paid."

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The Last Time The Market Was So Overbought, This Happened

The last 3 weeks have been a near unprecedented rip higher in stocks... as markets anticipated G-20 cooperative actions (and then BoJ and ECB follow-through) creating a vicious short-squeeze bounce..

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Striking Admission By Former Bank Of England Head: The European Depression Was A "Deliberate" Act

Once again we find that it is only after they leave their official posts that central bankers finally tell the truth.

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How Wall Street Is Preparing For "President Trump"

While the market has had its share of bogeymen to worry about so far in 2016, mostly along the lines of the "Four Cs", namely China, Crude, Credit and Currencies, it has so far largely ignored one letter: the Big D, for Donald, as in how would a Trump presidency affect the market. And, as Reuters writes, it is time for Wall Street to add "the juggernaut that is Donald J. Trump to the list of what-ifs that is worrying Wall Street."

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