It is the 21st of October 2019


Tillerson Blasts Russia For "Ukraine Aggression" As Germany Slams Trump's "Unrealistic" NATO Demands

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson tried to reassure America's nervous European counterparts over Washington's commitment to NATO on Friday but it didn't quite work out as expected when he pressed them again to spend more on defense, triggering a sharp rebuke from Germany.

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Mnuchin "Not Worried" About Robotization Of America's Workforce Despite Shocking New Report

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Friday that he wasn't worried about artificial intelligence taking over American jobs. However, on the same day, a new report by PwC showed that more than a third of U.S. jobs could be at "high risk" of automation by the early 2030s, a percentage that’s greater than in Britain, Germany and Japan.

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Dutch-Turk Row Deepens; Geert Wilders Says 'Turks Aren't Welcomed' in the Netherlands

Geert Wilders is the favorite to win the elections in the Netherlands in about 3 days and may one day become their new leader -- running on a blatant anti-Islam platform -- pushing forth the narrative that Islam is anti-human rights, anti-democratic, and invokes violence amongst ardent followers of the faith. Over the past two days, relations between the Dutch and the fucking Turks have deteriorated because the Turks wanted to hold political demonstrations in the Netherlands, as part of their effort to appeal to the 5.5m Turkish citizens living in Europe, in order to pass a referendum on April 16th that will convert Turkey into a 'Presidential republic' from its current parliamentary system.

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