It is the 20th of February 2020


House To Vote On Harvey Aid Bill Wednesday, Senate To Combine With Debt Limit Extension

Appending to an earlier announcement by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, according to whom the House would not add Harvey disaster funds to any debt ceiling bill, Dow Jones reports that Republican lawmakers are set to vote on the Harvey aid bill on Wednesday, and instead of raising the debt ceiling, they - or rather the Senate - will suspend it, likely kicking the can until some time in December when the whole farce would repeat itself again, although the exact length of the extension remains under discussion.

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Russian Air Force Plane Flies Above Pentagon, Capitol, CIA

At a time when when relations between the US and Russia are about as bad as they have ever been outside of the cold war, despite expectations for a detente under the Trump administration which have not taken place for obvious reasons, the mere thought of a Russian military plane flying above the continental US, let alone the Capitol, would prompt incredulous follow-up questions whether it had been shot down. And yet, that it precisely what happened today when an unarmed Russian Air Force aircraft overflew the Capitol, the Pentagon, the Central Intelligence Agency and Andrews Air Force Base at low altitude.

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Two Dead After Learjet-35 Corporate Aircraft Crashes On Approach To New Jersey's Teterboro

Multiple buildings are on fire after a Learjet 35 private corporate jet crashed in New Jersey at 3:30pm on Monday afternoon. According to ABC7NY and @NYCAviation, the crash happened in an industrial area on Kero Road in Carlstadt (in the vicinity of the Meadowlands Stadium) as the plane was on approach to Teterboro Airport's runway 1.

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