It is the 12th of November 2019


It's Never Been Cheaper To Hedge Highly Speculative Tech Companies

While many have noticed the demise of volatility in the US equity markets - 104 days without a 1% drop, plunge in VIX, record low monthly ranges - it is the most highly speculative and most over-valued companies that appear to be the biggest beneficiaries of peak animal spirits. It has never been cheaper to hedge stocks in the Nasdaq...

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U.K. Parliament Gives Theresa May Approval To Start Brexit

Moments ago, UK Parliament passed legislation allowing the government to invoke Article 50, with the House of Commons overturning amendments from the unelected House of Lords that sought to restrict May’s room for maneuver.  While press reports earlier said May could trigger Article 50 as early as Thursday, subsequent reports from Bloomberg suggested that she will commence Brexit in the last week of March.

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Dutch-Turk Row Deepens; Geert Wilders Says 'Turks Aren't Welcomed' in the Netherlands

Geert Wilders is the favorite to win the elections in the Netherlands in about 3 days and may one day become their new leader -- running on a blatant anti-Islam platform -- pushing forth the narrative that Islam is anti-human rights, anti-democratic, and invokes violence amongst ardent followers of the faith. Over the past two days, relations between the Dutch and the fucking Turks have deteriorated because the Turks wanted to hold political demonstrations in the Netherlands, as part of their effort to appeal to the 5.5m Turkish citizens living in Europe, in order to pass a referendum on April 16th that will convert Turkey into a 'Presidential republic' from its current parliamentary system.

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Protest Breaks Out Near Turkish Consulate In Rotterdam, Dutch Embassy In Turkey Closed Off

Hundreds of demonstrators waving Turkish flags gathered outside the Turkish consulate in the Dutch city of Rotterdam on Saturday night, demanding to see the Turkish minister for family affairs as a diplomatic scandal between the two countries escalated.

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And The World's Most Valuable Passport Is...

What is the "value of citizenship"? That's the question that Nomad Capitalist answers in their 2017 Passport Index, ranking 199 countries using a weighted approach that considers visa-free travel options, the amount of taxes a country levies on citizens who live abroad, along with the nation’s overall global reputation, civil and personal freedoms, and the ability to hold multiple passports simultaneously. And no, America, you’re not even in the top 20.

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