It is the 16th of November 2019


Trump vs. Clinton

While there's not exactly a big demand for my expertise in political matters, there are a few things about this election of which I am confident. But first, although I'm not going to espouse any political ideology, my own is basically a hippie libertarian on social matters with a true entrepreneurial capitalist economic view. But there is no Dr. Ron Paul this time and the Libertarian Gary Johnson is a disappointment. So we're stuck with these two. The best thing Trump has going for him is the panic, hatred and desperation from the globalist, elitist neocons regarding a Trump presidency. So "they" are trying every trick to keep Trump out - rigging polls, talking up the great economy, scaring people about what his Presidency would look like, etc. But what "they" and "their" MSM are failing to understand and also underestimating, is the mood of the people around the globe.  They are missing the forest for the trees. It's not about Trump, he's just the figurehead. It could have been any outsider (not that Trump is a true outsider, but perception is reality). And the key is the masses want an outsider. We've had the outsider thing globally over the years, but the levels of passion were not there yet. And also, the anger by the masses in the old order was still not to the level where it could "trump"  the fear we humans have for change. But that time is arriving. So the more that clowns like the Bushes and the Paul Ryans of the world bash Trump, the more "faith" the masses have in a "Trump". This post discusses a lot of the other global phenomena going on, like Brexit, which ties into all of this.

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Unprecedented Surge In Election Fraud Incidents From Around The Country

Mounting evidence would suggest it's getting more and more difficult for the left to claim that there are "no signs" of fraud in the 2016 election cycle...though we're sure they will continue to try.  Just this morning the Miami Herald noted that two arrests were made in Miami-Dade county on election fraud charges including efforts by one woman to illegally register voters (some of whom were dead...a recurring theme this election cycle) while another 74-year-old election worker was charged with actually "illegally marking ballots".

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TRUMP exposes the Establishment, politics a metaphor for FX

There's still a large percentage of the American population that doesn't understand money.  That's why we released our book, Splitting Pennies - to explain how the financial system works.  FX continues to remain a mystery to voters, although it may be the most important issue that can make or break the US economy in the next 10 years.  The election is a political metaphor to the lie being sold in ecomomics; the Establishment has convinced us that, price inflation is from retailers - it's small business that causes inflation.  Not monetary supply.  Another $20 Trillion USD, it doesn't create inflation.  Take a look at this chart and close your eyes and imagine, where this mass of Trillions of USD flows:

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