It is the 8th of December 2019


Dow Jones Changes "Hoax" Index Divisor For First Time In 2 Years

For the first time in two years, the owners of the Dow Jones Industrial Average have changed the benchmark’s divisor, the number used to determine how moves in the share prices of individual Dow components affect the level of the index.

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S&P Slumps To Slowest Market In 90 Year History As Dow Hits 7th Straight Record Close

While hard data has been hovering at 2-year lows, soft data has been rebounding recently... until today - The ISM Services index saw its steepest m/m decline this month since the financial crisis.

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Is It Smart For Trump To Embrace "Big League" Dow Gains? History Says No

President Trump is anything but traditional.  He frequently says things that his predecessors would never have dared to utter publicly.  But, for the most part, his supporters applaud the candor and straight talk.

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