It is the 20th of November 2019


House Kills Requirement For Energy Companies To Disclose Payments To Foreign Governments

In a victory for the US oil, gas and mining industry, which for years has appealed to the executive branch and courts to eliminate a rule which Exxon Mobil (whose former CEO was just confirmed as US Secretary of State), Chevron and other producers alleged put them at a disadvantage against foreign competitors, this afternoon the House approved a resolution killing an SEC requirement for US energy companies to disclose their payments to foreign governments, known as the "extraction rule."

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Trump Treasury Secretary Candidate Is Anti-Fed Libertarian Who Wants To Return To The Gold Standard

While speculation swirls over Trump's pick for the next Treasury Secretary, with eyebrows raised after the President-elect unexpectedly met with Goldman COO Gary Cohn earlier in the day, one of the more interesting names to have emerged in the running for the top economic post is that of John Allison, former CEO of the bank BB&T and of the libertarian non-profit think tank the Cato Institute.

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