It is the 20th of February 2020


"Everybody's Freaked" - Washington Nuclear Facility Admits Second Radiation Leak, Workers Contaminated

Just under two weeks since the emergency at the Hanford nuclear facility in Washington state (following a tunnel collapse), NBC's local affiliate King5 reports Hanford’s owner, The U.S. Department of Energy, is scrambling to deal with a second emergency - signs have emerged that a massive underground double shell nuclear waste holding tank may be leaking.

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Two Dead After Learjet-35 Corporate Aircraft Crashes On Approach To New Jersey's Teterboro

Multiple buildings are on fire after a Learjet 35 private corporate jet crashed in New Jersey at 3:30pm on Monday afternoon. According to ABC7NY and @NYCAviation, the crash happened in an industrial area on Kero Road in Carlstadt (in the vicinity of the Meadowlands Stadium) as the plane was on approach to Teterboro Airport's runway 1.

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US Confirms Coalition Airstrike In Mosul May Have Killed As Many As 240 Civilians

The US military confirmed on Saturday that a coalition airstrike had hit an Islamic State-held area of Iraq's Mosul where as many as 240 civilians may have been killed as result of the air raid.

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