It is the 10th of December 2019


Putin Orders End To US Dollar Trade At Russian Seaports

Whether in response to rising scorching tensions with the US, or simply to provide support for the ruble, on Tuesday Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to approve legislation making the ruble the main currency of exchange at all Russian seaports by next year, RT reported citing the Kremlin website.

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Algeria Officially Launches Helicopter Money Amid Sliding Oil Revenue, Budget Crisis

One year ago, the imminent arrival of helicopter money among endless discussions of pervasive lowflation was all the rage within high-finance policy circles. Then, everything changed as if on a dime, and in recent months the dominant topic has been global coordinated tightening - and in some cases even revisions to central bank mandates and the lowering of inflation targets - perhaps as a result of central banks' realization that monetizing debt by central banks leads to bad outcomes, not to mention global asset bubbles.

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First Glimpse Of Harvey Impact Shows Biggest Crude Build In 5 Months, Smaller Gasoline Draw Than Expected

Amid all the chaos of Harvey's outages and Irma's expectations, tonight's API inventory seems relatively irrelevant but we are sure the machines will be all over it - no matter that it will be guesstimated more than normal. WTI was at one-month highs above $49 as API printed and kneejerked lower despite a smaller than expected crude build (still the biggest build since March) and a smaller than expected draw in gasoline.

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China Loans Guinea $20 Billion In Exchange For Minerals

Having already taken over Venezuela with billions of pre-petition Debtor in Possession loans to the soon to be insolvent nation, China has franchised its model of financial colonialism, perfected over the decades by the IMF and World Bank, and on Wednesday agreed to lend Guinea $20 billion for 20 years in exchange for concessions on bauxite, an aluminum ore of which the West African country has vast resources the country's mines minister said.

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