It is the 11th of December 2019


JPMorgan's Outlook For 2018: "Eat, Drink And Be Merry, For In 2019..."

While the prevailing outlook by the big banks for 2018 and onward has been predominantly optimsitic and in a few euphoric cases, "rationally exuberant", with most banks forecasting year-end S&P price targets around 2800 or higher, and a P/E of roughly 20x as follows...

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SNAP Plummets To New Record Low After Missing Everything, Burns Through A Quarter Billion

It's easy to summarize the just reported SNAP Q2 earnings report with just one word: disaster.

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Tesla Burns A Record $13 Million Per Day In Q2... And It's About To Get Worse

One month after Tesla stock tumbled when the electric car maker announced that it had missed Wall Street estimates for the second quarter, delivering only 22,000 vehicles instead of the 22,912 expected, moments ago Tesla reported adjusted, non-GAAP Q2 earnings which beat expectations, with an adjusted loss of $1.33, better than the -$1.88 expected, which curiously was identical to the -1.33 loss in Q1. 

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Restoration Hardware Implodes After More Terrible Guidance, Blames Election

Back in February, the stock of Restoration Hardware crashed after it announced dreadful quarterly earnings and slashed its guidance, however it somewhat redeemed itself after the company came up with the most original of excuses heard in a long time: in an exercise of absurd reflexivity, RH blamed its own falling stock price on its poor results: "Historically, our business has a correlation to large movements in stock prices as we believe asset valuations influence our customers’ buying patterns." It also blamed various other things, all of which boiled down to one simple thing: the consumer is simply not spending.

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