It is the 19th of November 2019


A 10-year-old natural gas plant in California gets the coal plant treatment

Two gas turbines at the Inland Empire Energy Center.

Enlarge / Inland Empire Energy Center outside of Riverside, California. (credit: Oohlongjohnson)

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Fan Sues Saints, Wants Season Ticket Refund Over NFL Players Protest

A season-ticket holder has just filed a lawsuit against the New Orleans Saints demanding the organization refunds his money because some players have disrespected the national anthem before games this season. The fan, Lee Dragna, filed the lawsuit on Monday against the NFL team for $8,000 plus lawyer’s fees. In the lawsuit, he claims, the protest by some players against police brutality and racial injustice has prevented him and his family from enjoying the games.

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Here's How Colin Kaepernick 'Celebrated' Thanksgiving

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick traveled to Alcatraz Island to participate in the Indigenous People’s Sunrise Gathering for Thanksgiving Thursday.

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Frightened Californians Flood 911 With Calls After Spy Satellite Launch

In the latest sign of the paranoid times we live in, startled Southern Californians flooded 911 with calls Saturday night after the US launched its newest spy satellite into orbit from Vandenberg Air Force Base, forcing local fire and police departments to issue an alert clarifying that everything is fine and people shouldn’t panic, the Associated Press reports.

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Google Also Allowed Advertisers To Buy Racist Keywords Like "Why Do Black People Ruin Neighborhoods"

Ever since failing miserably in their efforts to appoint Hillary Clinton to her rightful throne in the Oval Office, Silicon Valley's biggest tech titans have come under relentless attack from disappointed liberal politicians in DC and their primary propaganda distribution platforms, the mainstream media.

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