It is the 13th of November 2019


North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile Which Flies Over Japanese Airspace; VIX, Yen Spike

Update: Japan PM Abe, speaking to reporters in Tokyo after the launch, said North Korea appears to have fired a missile that flew over Japan. According to subsequent reports as many as three separate ballistic missiles may have been launched.

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Russian Ambassador In Turkey Murdered In Terrorist Attack By Shooter Screaming "Allahu Akbar" - Live Feed

Summary of the tragic events so far, in which Russia’s envoy to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, has been shot dead in Ankara by a gunman in an assassination apparently linked to Moscow’s role in Syria’s civil war. Here are key facts and reaction summarized by BBG:

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'Faithless' Electors Will Not Receive Intelligence Briefing, NPR Says

The list of Democrat electors that demanded an intelligence briefing on Russian interference in the election prior to casting their vote continued to grow.  As of last night we noted that 40 democrats had signed the petition and, as of this morning, the list has grown to 55.  Not surprisingly, the list is loaded with disaffected Hillary supporters from Democratic strongholds like California and Virginia. 

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Obama Told Putin To "Cut It Out" On Hacking

In a roughly 20 minute answer to the pre-vetted and scripted question by an AP reporter, in which Obama was asked what his response to "Russian hacking" would be, Obama said there may be a response however - taking a page of the Trump playbook - he would not reveal what it will be, "just like Putin will not admit he hacked the election." The outgoing president hinted at “offensive capabilities” the U.S. possesses, but spoke broadly about his approach to preventing “some sort of cyber arms race.” His goal, the president said, was to put “some guard rails around the behavior of nations and states and our adversaries so they understand that whatever they do to us we can potentially do to them.”

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Edward Snowden Addresses The US Election Result In Public Webcast

Edward Snowden, courtesy of RT, is delivering a public address on the US election result from Russia where he is a "temporary resident", and taking questions via social media on privacy concerns, his pardon and other issues of public concern.

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