It is the 16th of February 2020


What Is Helicopter Money? Goldman Explains

Whether Japan admits it or not, helicopter money - thanks to Ben Bernanke - is here, and the market's reaction this week was simply the first stage of pricing it in, as confirmed by the biggest drop in the Japanese currency this century.

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When Narratives Go Bad

By Ben Hunt Of Epsilon Theory

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Former Fed President: "All My Very Rich Friends Are Hoarding Cash"

There were numerous interesting, informative and mostly bearish speakers during the latest Strategic Investment Conference held at the end of May.  Among them were Lacy Hunt, David Rosenberg, Neil Howe, Jim Grant, Mark Yusko, Gary Shilling, and  JohnMauldin (readers can watch video interviews with these speakers on Mauldin Economics’ Youtube channel and their full presentations can be found at the following page) all of whom painted a very pessimistic picture for the stock market but, as Tony Sagami points out, the most alarming comment came from Richard Fisher.

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