It is the 17th of January 2020


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Why One Hedge Fund Is Once Again Preparing For The End Of The Euro

Our friends at Fasanara Capital have released a new report, which in keeping with the Mayfair fund's recent trend of gloomy predictions, has looked beyond the current set of adverse socioeconomic development jarring Europe, and looks forward to the "last act of the Euro", explaining why "whatever it takes" is now over, and why the time to panic about the future of the common currency is once again nigh.

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Richard Koo: If Helicopter Money Succeeds, It Will Lead To 1,500% Inflation

After today's uneventful Fed announcement, all eyes turn to the BOJ where many anticipate some form of "helicopter money" is about to be unveiled in Japan by the world's most experimental central bank.

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"There Is No Clear Way Out" - Richard Koo Says "The Price For QE Has Yet To Be Paid"

In his latest note tited "The Calm before The Storm", Nomura's traditionally downcast Richard Koo is not too excited about the market's future prospects, in fact quite the opposite and makes the point that since QE was no game changer, not only is there no clear way out, but "the price for QE has yet to be paid."

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