It is the 22nd of January 2020


Here's How Many Bombs Obama Dropped In 2016

Seven years after being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples," despite having been in office for less than one year and having pretty much no actual, tangible foreign diplomacy accomplishments at the time, President Obama will depart the White House having dropped 26,171 bombs on foreign countries around the world in 2016, 3,027 more than 2015.

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Obama Halts Some Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia, Following Alleged "War Crimes" In Yemen

Whether it is retaliation for dumping Treasuries, blackmail to keep to OPEC production quotas, or - more likely - being implicated in war crimes for supporting a Saudi-led air campaign in Yemen that has killed thousands of civilians, President Obama has decided that after shipping billions in weapons to Saudi Arabia, Reuters reports it will halt a planned arms sale to The Kingdom.

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Meet Donald Trump's Cabinet (So Far)

President-elect Trump will have about 4,000 government positions to fill, including some of the most important posts in the US government. As CNN details below, cabinet positions require Senate confirmation, but other key posts are completely up to the discretion of the President.

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Trump Said To Pick Retired Marine General "Mad-Dog" Mattis As Secretary Of Defense

Update: It appears the WaPo may be guilty of spreading "fake news." According to Jason Miller, Trump's communications director, "No decision has been made yet with regard to Secretary of Defense."

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