It is the 29th of February 2020


Still No Explanation For Dallas Gunman's Honorable Discharge

Almost a week after the Dallas sniper attacks, AP's Will Weissert reports that it's still unclear how the gunman obtained an honorable discharge from the military even though Army officials sent him home from Afghanistan with a recommendation that he be thrown out of the armed forces.

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Presenting Ground Zero Of Global Wealth Inequality

Washington's "sinkhole of leeches," where money 'corrupts' and House members are "puppets" to lobbyists who bankroll their campaigns is officially the region with the greatest wealth inequality in the world. According to OECD data via Goldman Sachs, the average household disapoable income in Washington D.C. is 165% of the national average, higher than any other region in the world...

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The Unlikely Story That A Panty Theft Sparked The Dallas Shooter's Downfall

Exactly how Micah Johnson came to be the man who murdered five police officers in Dallas remains unsolved. Johnson, a mid-twenties man (much like Bin Laden's son), apparently had taken his love for the ladies a little too far when he was serving in the Army Reserves. The killer who "stated that he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers", as we posted, had an apparent fetish for women's panties. 

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