It is the 3rd of April 2020


Mizuho CEO Warns Japan Sales Tax Delay Is "Admission Abenomics Has Failed"

It has not been a good "second coming" for Shinzo Abe, whose first stint as prime minister of Japan ended in disgrace in 2007 after an allegedly crippling bout of explosive diarrhea forced the then-prime minister to resign. To say that Abenomics has been a dismal failure would be an understatement:  unable to boost inflation, unable to boost wages, plummeting trade with both exports and imports crashing to post crisis lows...

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What Is The Worst-Case Outcome Of Helicopter Money: Deutsche Bank Explains

Now that the next and final phase of unorthodox monetary policy, i.e., helicopter money, has had the blessing of both Mario Draghi and Ben Bernanke, and is virtually assured, there are three questions: how to trade it; where will it be implemented first (and certainly not last), and how will it all end.

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The World Has 6 Options To Avoid Japan's Fate, And According To HSBC, They Are All Very Depressing

Last week, when looking back at consensus economist forecasts for Japanese growth as of 1995, we compared what the pundits thought would happen, and what actually did happen: the result was what may have been the worst forecast of all time, leading to a 25% error rate in just five years later. It also unleashed the start of Japan's three lost decades.

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Albert Edwards Is In Love With This Asset That Hasn't Had A Losing Year Since 2007

Albert Edwards is in love, but what makes it somewhat awkward is that the object of his affection is not living flesh and blood but a major asset, one which he calls "probably the most fantastic investment of the last decade", and one which so many others have called the "widowmaker" for the simple reason that they have shorted it, shorted it again, and shorted it some more, only to always lose money because as their adversary that have the most irrational, most childish and most desperate central bank in the world: the Bank of Japan.

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A "Baffled" Bank Of Japan Is Shocked By Its "Message Of Despair"

One look at Japan's bond yields, which moments ago hit a fresh record low for the 20Y maturity as the curve slowly but surely inverts...

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