It is the 19th of September 2019

Syrian Warplanes From US-Hit Air Base Said To Resume Air Strikes

Just when you thought this day could not get any more bizarre, here comes Reuters with a headline, citing the infamous Syrian Observatory For Human Rights, that Syrian warplanes have taken off from air base hit by U.S., carry out strikes in Homs countryside.

Reuters adds that the Observatory, "a group monitoring the Syrian war using sources on the ground", said eight people had been killed in the U.S. attack on the airfield overnight, and added that the extent of the damage to the Shayrat air base was not entirely clear, but the Syrian warplanes had "done the impossible" in order to continue using it for sorties, the Observatory told Reuters.

Why is skepticism warranted?

Because as a reminder, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is the one-man run propaganda entity, controlled by Abdul Rahman, which emerged was responsible for the "chemical attack" YouTube false flag clip that nearly led to the 2013 airstrikes.

For more, read "Meet The Man Behind The Propaganda"

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