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Silicon Valley Millennial Offers LSD "Microdosing" Course, But Is There A Hidden Agenda?


A psychedelic renaissance in Silicon Valley is taking millennials by storm, and it’s called ‘microdosing’ LSD.

Millennials in Silicon Valley are ditching their daily cocktail–which contains vitamins, minerals, and protein shakes, for a microdose of LSD with their avocado and toast.

Paul Austin, 27, a professional microdosing coach, and the founder of ‘The Third Wave’, now offers 30-minute Skype microdosing “consulting” sessions for $127. So far, around 300 people have enrolled into the program.

According Austin’s website, microdosing is the “act of integrating sub-perceptual doses of psychedelics into your weekly routine for higher levels of creativity, more energy, increased focus, and improved relational skills”. 

The website then describes a typical day when microdosing….


  • Brilliant outbursts in work and personal creative projects.
  • Super easy to get in the ZONE.
  • Work becomes fun!


  • More stamina while exercising.
  • Clean energy buzz–like a psychedelic coff­ee.
  • Lift heavier weights
  • Improved coordination & higher level of focus.


  • Create stronger bonds with new and existing friends
  • High levels of gratitude
  • Alleviates Depression
  • Gradual buildup of openness and awareness


  • Glimmers of insight into the unity of all life forms
  • Amazed by the wonders of life
  • More in line with spiritual intentions

This trend is not alarming considering many of Silicon Valley’s engineers, programmers, writers, and artists have addiction problems with scheduled one drugs. Even Steve Jobs openly talked about his LSD experimentation.

According to Business Insider,

Many people say it improves their concentration or creativity; others say they use it to help treat symptoms of mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.

Yet, there are no published scientific studies on microdosing and many unanswered questions on the long term effects. Every few years a new trend of ‘smart drugs’ sweeps across technologically advanced areas with-in the United States. Claims are made about heightened mental powers and gaining an edge in the workspace. The only issue, LSD is “strictly prohibited worldwide, on the grounds that it poses a major health risk and has no therapeutic value”.

University of Cambridge scientists Barbara Sahakian, Camilla d’Angelo and George Savulich warns about the downsides of microdosing. Here is what they had to say:

Yet before rushing off to take hits of acid in the hopes of boosting our creativity at work, it should be remembered that microdosing with an illegal, unregulated drug is of course fraught with risks. Possession may get you put behind bars. Manufacture and supply of illegal drugs are not subject to rigorous regulatory controls. That means users can never be sure of what they are getting.

This makes determining the dose problematic. Those who microdose incorrectly risk having unwanted, full-blown trips or even experience unpleasant trips. There are even some reports of psychosis-like symptoms in certain vulnerable individuals who use LSD recreationally. However two recent US population surveys found no link between using psychedelics and mental health conditions.

In an increasingly competitive world it is tempting to find a quick fix to help us achieve more, better and faster. Yet, is this right? As a society we should consider the reasons as to why healthy people choose to use drugs in the first place. A reliance on cognitive-enhancing technologies to cope with demanding working conditions may ultimately reduce the health and well-being of individuals. So we must take care to ensure that enhancement is not seen as a substitute for a healthy working environment.

In recent times, large mainstream media outlets have unanimously embraced the psychedelic trend. We ask why Now?

Diving through the history books, we learned the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had a mind control program called Project MKUltra from 1950s to 1973. The program was used to manipulate people’s mental states and alter brain function with LSD during interrogations and torture, in order to weaken the individual to force confessions.

Unclassified: U.S. Army Chemical Warfare Laboratories video shows American soldiers under the influence of LSD

Unclassified: U.S. Army Chemical Warfare Laboratories video shows LSD Confused Cat

It’s odd that Silicon Valley and the mainstream media are overwhelmingly supporting an illegal trend called ‘microdosing’ LSD. What’s even more peculiar is that such a trend that alters the state of mind and changes behavior is being pushed at a time when the masses are awakening from a deep sleep. Simply, Silicon Valley and the United States Government want you to go back to bed.

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