It is the 19th of February 2020

Jon Ossoff Spent 7.6x More Than Handel Per Vote...For Nothing

Last night's special election for Georgia's 6th District was historic for many reasons, not the least of which was the shear amount of money that flowed into the race.  As we pointed out last night, Jon Ossoff spent a staggering $22 million dollars versus only $3 million for Handel...all for a seat where candidates usually spend about $1 million each.



Unfortunately, it wasn't enough as Ossoff still lost...resulting in a devastating waste of $176 per vote, or roughly 7.6x more than what Karen Handel spent.  Oops.



Of course, as The Mercury News pointed out yesterday, Ossoff received nearly 9x more donations from California than from Georgia, a testament to how this special election morphed into a national contest for Democrats with Nancy Pelosi leading the fundraising charge.

Between March 29 and May 31, Ossoff reported receiving 7,218 donations from California, dwarfing the 808 donations he received from Georgia. In the nine Bay Area counties alone, he received 3,063 donations in the same time period.


Those are only a fraction of Ossoff’s total donations, as he doesn’t have to report contributions from people who give less than $200 in total. In addition, many of the individual donations include the same people giving to his campaign multiple times.

All of which reminds us of another race that had a 'surprising' outcome...

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