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How to allow your Vlc player to be accessed via WiFi

This is NOT necessary if you use Vlc media player Version 2.1 or above! You will only have to define a password.

If you are using Vlc media player below Version 2.1 you need allow your WiFI subnet:

This is the only painful part of TVlc setup. Actually all you have to do is uncomment 1 line in a configuration file. Not too hard, right? The "hard" part may be finding that file. It is called .hosts (consider the dot!) and lies within your Vlc installation directory in the subpath lua/http/.hosts . On my system it currently looks like this:

$ cat /usr/share/vlc/lua/http/.hosts

# Access-list for VLC HTTP interface
# $Id$

# localhost

# link-local addresses

# private addresses

# The world (uncommenting these 2 lines is not quite safe)

As you can see, I have uncommented (removed the # sign) in front of the subnet which is my WiFi thus allowing Vlc Web interface access to all addresses within the specified range. To test this I can now access my Vlc Web Interface on my computer by

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