It is the 1st of April 2020

Have I set up my mobile phone correctly for TVlc Internet Television?

There is a very simple way to test whether your Vlc media player is accessible from your mobile phone. Try to open the Web interface in your mobile phone webbrowser:

Please note: Your IP address might be different. You can see it in TVlc settings

Problems - What to do?

If you try to access your Vlc server http interface with your mobile browser. (e.g. you might receive one of the following errors.

404 Site not found

Cause: You have not activated the Http Interface or your firewall is blocking the request. Try to access your Vlc server from the computer it is running on, NOT your mobile phone. ( If you still get a 404 your server is not running. Otherwise it is probably a firewall issue.

403 Forbidden

Cause: Your Http Interface is running but you have not allowed your WiFi subnet in lua/http/.hosts file. Locate it in the Vlc installation folder and uncomment your WiFi subnet. You have to restart Vlc afterwards.

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