It is the 16th of December 2019

Goldman CEO Trolls Donald Trump On Twitter

From Qatar to Comey, it's been a busy week in Washington (and around the world) for President Trump, so perhaps he has not had a chance to catch up with Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein on his 'progress'.

No matter, having emerged recently on Twitter, it appears the Goldman CEO and overt Hillary Clinton-supporter has mastered one of the social media's darkest arts, trolling and asking sarcastic rhetorical questions.

Lloyd may have been in China, but we doubt the "great firewall" prevented the head of the world's most important and politically connected hedge fund bank to access articles such as "The disaster that was "Infrastructure Week" is a symbol of Trump's many problems."

The real question is how will Lloyd's former right-hand man and Trump's current chief economic advisor, Gary Cohn respond?

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