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UK Holds Crisis Meeting After Tanker Seizure As Armed Aircraft Protects US Cargo Ship In Gulf

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British officials are scrambling after two UK tankers were captured by Iran in one dramatic day in the gulf — or rather we should clarify that the Stena Impero is UK flagged but not owned by a UK company (the owner 'Stena Bulk' is based in Sweden), while the Mesdar is Liberian flagged but is in fact owned by a UK company.

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Iran Releases Dramatic Footage Showing IRGC Seizing Foreign Oil Tanker

On a day that's witnessed serious escalation amid already soaring tensions in the Persian Gulf, Iran has confirmed the vessel it earlier said its IRGC forces seized for "smuggling" oil is in fact Panamanian-flagged oil tanker MT Riah which had disappeared near Iranian waters starting last weekend. State TV aired dramatic footage showing multiple IRGC fast-boats swarming the clearly marked vessel in the Strait of Hormuz. 

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"Liquidating Before Your Eyes" - PG&E's Clock Is Ticking

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Boeing Takes $4.9 Billion Charge As 737 Max Fiasco Drags On, Stock Jumps

In a long-overdue step that suggests Boeing is eager to put the 737 MAX debacle behind it, the Seattle airplane company announced it would take a $4.9 billion charge in Q2 related to the grounding of the 737 Max aircraft, which represents that troubled aircraft maker’s first estimate of the cost of compensating airlines for schedule disruptions and delays in aircraft deliveries. The charge will result in a $5.6 billion hit to pre-tax earnings when the company reports earnings on July 24, the company said in a statement issued on Thursday.

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'Gendered' Terms Like "Manhole", "Policemen", & "Chairmen" To Be Banned In Berkeley, CA

Today in "the entire world is steadily losing its mind" news, there will no longer be terms like "manhole", "policeman" or "chairman" in Berkeley, California city codes, according to CNN.

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