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Battery saving perfomance

CPU load is a critical factor when developing an Android App. I always do my best to reduce TVlc cpu load as much as possible while maintaining high usability for a long battery reload cycle. I have a rather old Samsung GT i5800 running Android 2.2. On my phone TVlc has a low

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Welcome to Navigator News!

Navigator is a very basic file navigator with SSH integration that allows you to easily transfer files over scp or manage them locally.

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Use absolute paths for your commands

Depending on your SSH configuration it might be necessary to use absolute paths for your command to make them execute correctly.

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SSHutdown Quick Setup Guide

Welcome to SSHutdown news. To make SSHutdown work you have to setup 2 things:

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Have I set up my mobile phone correctly for TVlc Internet Television?

There is a very simple way to test whether your Vlc media player is accessible from your mobile phone. Try to open the Web interface in your mobile phone webbrowser:

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How to watch Youtube on your TV, the convenient way

Ever wanted to have stream like TV actually making your own program 24/7 from videos, DVDs, Youtube? All you need to do is:

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