It is the 24th of February 2020

Bernie 1 - 0 Perez: Democratic "Unity Tour" Crowd Boos New DNC Chair

New Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez picked up where his profanity-laced tirade left off last month at the DNC’s “Come Together Fight Back” tour in Portland, Maine Monday. As reports, Perez again went on a rant against Republicans, slamming their new “sh**ty” budget" and dismissing their health care plan, insisting the GOP "does not give a sh*t about the people they are trying to hurt."

However, his appearance was doomed from the start, judging by the reaction he got during the introductions.

After a rousing ovation at the mention of "the Vermont Senator," the leader of the Maine Young Democrats mentioned new DNC Chair Perez, and got quite a different reaction...

So much for 'unity'?

However, that was not the worst of it for Perez, as the following 'drop' seemed to analogize the Democrats perfectly...

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