It is the 25th of February 2020

Battery saving perfomance

CPU load is a critical factor when developing an Android App. I always do my best to reduce TVlc cpu load as much as possible while maintaining high usability for a long battery reload cycle. I have a rather old Samsung GT i5800 running Android 2.2. On my phone TVlc has a low


CPU usage on average which I attempt to decrease further. On more (much more) modern phones this is virtually 0 load. The low cpu usage of TVlc is 3-10 times smaller than those of similar Apps in Google Play Store I tried! Your battery will be very pleased when using TVlc and so will you be.

Please note that Ads usually increase the cpu load quite drastically so this is a real good reason why you would like to make a small donation and buy the Full Version of TVlc.

The low CPU usage allows you to keep running TVlc all the time. If you are not connected to a WiFi than CPU usage will drop to 0. Otherwise it will be low enough to not have a large impact on your battery life and to give you fast access to your Home Media Entertainment.

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