It is the 18th of June 2019


As Eros Plummets Limit Down, Founding Entity Has 97% Of US Stake Pledged As Collateral

In case you have missed the evolving story of Indian filmmaker Eros International Plc (Listed in the U.S. under "EROS") over the last week, the company's US listed equity and its Bombay Stock Exchange listed main subsidiary have both been decimated as a result of ratings agency CARE recently downgrading the company to default, as a result of "delays or likely defaults in serving debt availed from banks". 

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WTI Tumbles To $52 Handle After Another Surprise Crude Build

Oil prices were practically unchanged on the day, unable to hold the $54 handle early on in the day as eyes once again focus on US crude inventories.

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Google, Facebook Pose 'Existential Threat' To The News Industry: Ex-BuzzFeed Chief

Google, Facebook and Apple exert so much control over what information reaches consumers of news that it's 'crippling' the news industry, according to former BuzzFeed News Washington Bureau Chief John Stanton, who was laid off in January amid a spate of purges. 

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