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AOC And 'Snot-Nosed Punk' Chief-Of-Staff Alienating Moderate Democrats, Helping Trump: Rahm Emanuel

In a recent Maureen Dowd WSJ Op-Ed, Scaling Wokeback Mountain, former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel said that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her "snot-nosed punk" chief-of-staff Saikat Chakrabarti are essentially destroying the Democratic party and handing Republicans a win. 

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Epstein Safe Had 'Piles Of Cash', Diamonds And Expired Passport Claiming Saudi Residency

FBI agents who cracked open a safe in Jeffrey Epstein's Manhattan mansion discovered "piles of cash," dozens of diamonds and an expired passport from the 1980s under a different name that listed his residence as Saudi Arabia, according to the Daily Beast - which notes that it is unclear whether this is the same safe that contained nude or semi-nude photographs believed to be of underage girls. 

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Society Masturbating Its Way Into Climate Catastrophe: Report

Climate activists - and anyone else who views porn online - are part of the problem, according to a new report. 

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Worldwide Semiconductor Equipment Sales Collapse In 2019, No Bottom Until 1Q20?

SEMI trade group, whose 2,000 semiconductor manufacturers including Applied Materials of the U.S. and Japan-based Tokyo Electron, published a chilling note this week that warned spending on chipmaking equipment in 2019 would collapse as concern about a global trade recession, fueled by a deepening trade war, could be immient.

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